5. Change log

5.1. Version 0.9.0.dev1

This version contains all fixes up to version 0.8.x.

Released: not yet

Incompatible changes:


Bug fixes:



Known issues:

5.2. Version 0.8.0

This version contains all fixes up to version 0.7.1.

Released: 2021-05-01

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the increase of the development status to Beta. (issue #29)


  • Added support for JSON schema-validation of user-defined portions of server and group items in server file and of server items in vault file.


  • Docs: Removed unused ‘vault_file’ variable from example code.

5.3. Version 0.7.0

Released: 2021-04-05

Incompatible changes:

  • The ‘VaultFile’ class now raises ‘VaultFileOpenError’ for vault file not found. Previously, it raised ‘easy_vault.EasyVaultFileError’ (related to issue #10)

Bug fixes:

  • Added missing exception transformation to ‘VaultFileOpenError’ for vault file not found in ‘VaultFile’ class. (related to issue #10)


  • Docs: Updated usage example and example scripts to use integrated vault. (issue #26)

  • In ‘VaultFile’ class, the input ‘filepath’ is now made absolute. (related to issue #10)

  • Added a method ‘VaultFile.is_encrypted()’ to return whether the vault file, is encrypted.

  • Added a method ‘ServerFile.is_vault_file_encrypted()’ to return whether the vault file of the server file (if any) is encrypted.

  • Improved text coverage of ‘VaultFile’ class. (issue #10)

  • Increased minimum version of easy-vault package to 0.7.0. (issue #40)

  • Increased development status to Beta. (issue #29)

5.4. Version 0.6.0

Released: 2021-04-02

Incompatible changes:

  • The new optional ‘use_prompting’ parameter of the ‘VaultFile’ and ‘ServerDefinitionFile’ classes was not added at the end of the parameter list. This is incompatible for users who called the function with positional arguments. (related to issue #22)

  • Renamed the following classes for simplicity: ‘ServerDefinitionFile’ to ‘ServerFile’, ‘ServerDefinition’ to ‘Server’, ‘ServerDefinition…’ exceptions to ‘Server…’


  • Integrated vault access into server definition file. The server definition files can now optionally specify the path name of a vault file. If specified, the vault file is loaded as well and the secrets for a server defined in the vault file are available in the ServerDefinition object as a new secrets property. (issue #20)

  • In the ‘VaultFile’ and ‘ServerDefinitionFile’ classes, added a new parameter ‘use_prompting’ that allows disabling the interactive prompting for passwords. Also, changed the logic for requiring passwords such that they are only required when the vault file is being encrypted, decrypted or accessed in the encrypted state. (issue #22)

5.5. Version 0.5.0

Released: 2021-03-29

Initial release.